Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Book Review: Here We Go! Around-the-World-Family Adventure

Step into the pages of your memories and have fun with the children in your life.  

Who doesn't remember baking cookies with grandma in her apron or cuddling up in her lap while inhaling the delightful scent of her special powder to hear a story?  Who doesn't remember the special moments with grandparents that holiday traditions and smells conjure?  Who doesn't remember grandpa's special smile as he dug deep into his pocket to present you with a treasure?

The Baby Boomer Generation is coming of age, grandparent age, and realizing playing with grandchildren is fun.

Looking for adventures and ways to interact with young children has just gotten easier and more fun.  Roll together children, grandparents, some music, a drop of magic and imagination as you head into the newest family fun adventure--  all in the comfort of your home!

Here We Go! - Around the World Family Adventure is the first book in what promises to be an enchanting series of adventures and developmental activities for young children and the adults in their lives.  Written by award-winning author Walter Sorrells and illustrated by Victor Tavares, children will quickly be swept into the storybook.

In the first book, traveling grandparents return home to find their treasures fell out of the airplane.  With the assistance of their grandchildren and a magic compass, the group heads out to find the treasures.  The colorful pages and detailed artwork in the book complement the story as the family travels to lands across the world.  At each location the magic compass takes the family, the children are introduced to native customs as they locate a special treasure.

The story doesn't end as the last page is turned.  There are suggested activities which quickly encourage the readers to keep the story alive as new memories are made.

Original music which accompanies the story is also available.  The songs are well written and sure to be sung by children and adults alike as you rush to play them again.  While listening to the music, memories of grandparents or loved ones who have gone on before us bring the warmth of their love flowing back. 

The fun doesn't stop here, though.  There is an interactive website where the adventure continues with activities and craft ideas.

Collectables which correlate with the books are also scheduled to be released.  The first release in time for the holidays will be the Family Milagro Tree.  Families will discover their own miracle of memory making while decorating this enchanting tree together.

Developed by GrandCamp Adventures, this all inclusive series of books, music, activities and imagination building and time together doesn't have to be limited to grandparents.  What child wouldn't push their parents out of the house if the babysitter came with a grand adventure?

Discover the meaning of treasures.  Discover the joy of time together.

Learn more about GrandCamp Adventures.

Ann Eldredge
Fayette Front Page

Photo Source:  GrandCamp Adventures

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