Friday, August 27, 2010

Trying to find a name for a blog these days is tough.

A few of us at Arts Across Georgia and the Georgia Front Page are voracious readers. When your bathroom doesn't have a book or magazine, we'll read shampoo bottles. Readaholic doesn't begin to describe the staff around here.

We have Artzapalooza, which is an arts review blog. We have a blog about Georgia writers. We didn't have a blog where we could post our own comments, suggestions and thoughts on the books we were reading.

Today I finally decided enough, I'm setting up a blog.

The first title came to me in the bathroom. Naturally.

I was combing my hair (ha ha, bet you had a different picture in your head, huh?) and thought "Readaholic Ramblings". Wow, great title... except I discovered it was taken. Grrrrrrr.... so much for my brilliant light bulb of an idea.

Off and on through the day I scoured the Word Book, used Bing, Yahoo and Google to look up archaic words, obsolete words, ancient words... wore out the Internet thesaurus sites... couldn't find anything I really liked that someone hadn't already grabbed until "Rimbombo". It had a particularly pertinent association for me as I was about to ROAR in frustration!

Anywaze, Rimbombo it is. Luckily it seems I'm the first to grab the title on here. I was shocked as so many of my other faves were gone. I loved widdershins (counter-clockwise) and its variations, but all of them are gone. Most aren't being used either. It's amazing how many people set up blogs and then never post a darn thing, or only post a few times and give it up. Blogger retires the name forever.

Hopefully we'll find time to actually write some reviews in here... we have over 200 blogs going and who knows how many Twitter and Facebook accounts. All this social media stuff is time-consuming to say the least.

I guess I'm going to hop over to Twitter and see if someone has the name over there. May as well grab it while I can!

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